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Relaxus Beauty

supplies the Massage, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Spa and Alternative therapists with premium products, tools, and supplies. Furthermore, we have hundreds of wellness products and relaxation tools for personal use.

Relaxus Beauty – Brush Out
Ceramic Straightening Ionic Brush

Achieve professional salon results at home.Transform coarse, frizzy locks into smooth silky hair through revolutionary ionic technology. The silicone coated, evenly spaced bristles straighten hair and massage scalp gently as you brush. It’s so easy to use!

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Features & Benefits
Ceramic plate and bristles adjustable up 450℉
Silicone bristle tips protect scalp from heat
One pass technology
Perfect for all hair types and expertise levels
5 Years Limited Warranty.

milk_shake styling solutions take you from day to night, smooth to curly and straight to texturized. Our styling solutions offer you a variety of luxury haircare products that meet the many demands of hairstyling and leave you with irresistible and polished hairstyles.

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