Project Description

Serious Skincare for the Most Fabulous of Lifestyles

MaskerAide facial masks are made from a thin fiber sheet that is cut to contour to your face. The fiber mask is soaked in a highly concentrated serum that is infused with vitamins and nutrients

There are two types of highly concentrated serums in the sheet masks – one is a clear based serum and the other is a cream

The clear serum is lighter in consistency, is great for day or night time use and before makeup application (clear serum masks include All Nighter, Detox Diva, Pre Party Prep).

The cream based serum is slightly heavier and is recommended for use in the evening and when relaxing before bed (cream serum masks include Beauty Rest’ore, I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, Weather Warrior).


Maskeraide uses the safest ingredients and packaging for your skin and the earth while maintaining an effective and affordable product. This is what makes MaskerAide truly unique and sets them apart from other face masks.

The Masks Are

EFFECTIVE – Provides skin with a bottles worth of nutrition and hydration in one mask and in a short period of time.

ANTI-BACTERIAL – Due to its moisture management, the sheet mask material TENCEL® is anti-bacterial.

GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – Our masks smooth fiber surface feels soft and supple against the skin. Our formula is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin types.

AFFORDABLE – Masks are offered individually or in a packs

MINIMAL ECO FOOTPRINT – Masks are eco-friendly! The outer package of the mask is recyclable while the sheet mask is biodegradable (certified 100% biodegradable)